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Family Dentist Eagle River AKYou have a busy life, and at Midnight Sun Dental Center, we respect that. One of the ways we like to show that is by making our office a family-friendly environment that treats all ages. From the youngest members of your family to the eldest, you are all welcome in our office.

Each stage of life comes with its own unique needs and challenges, we understand these. When your entire family can be seen in one location by a dentist you can trust, you can schedule appointments at times that are convenient for you. We’ll help you get your whole family in so you can cross “dental visits” off your to-do list quickly and without hassle.

Dental Care to Last a Lifetime

Starting your child off early is an important step in getting him or her set for a lifetime of good habits and health. When your child sees visiting the dentist as a regular occurrence, there’s less risk of developing a dental fear that could prevent proper care in later years.

We can also assess early development to watch for any issues that could potentially pose a problem down the road and even head them off with simple, conservative treatments.

You probably have plenty of questions about the way your child is developing, and we are more than happy to answer these. Whether you’re concerned about a thumb-sucking habit or are have a sports-related dental emergency, we are here for you every step of the way.

Preventive Treatments for Lasting Dentistry

During childhood, most dental treatment comes down to establishing good preventive routines. Since kids are a bit less patient than adults and may not have fully developed their motor skills, they might not be practicing their home hygiene as well as we would like. That’s okay!

We can help protect their teeth with preventive treatments, including fluoride and sealants.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral often added to drinking water because of its ability to strengthen teeth and protect them from cavities. If you drink filtered or bottled water, however, you may not be getting enough of this valuable mineral. We can apply a fluoride varnish following your child’s cleaning to help protect their teeth.

Cavities most frequently occur in the back teeth, and this is often because of the deep grooves in the chewing surface of the teeth. These grooves are difficult to clean and trap food particles easily, making them a bacteria magnet.

We can apply sealants, a thin, resin coating, to your child’s molars. As their name suggests, the sealants seal off these grooves, making them impenetrable and protecting them from bacteria. The process takes only a couple minutes and is completely painless. We’ll check the condition of the sealants at each appointment, and if they are starting to wear away, we can simply replace them.

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We’d love to have you bring your kids in to meet our excellent team. We’ll answer all your questions so that you can feel confident about your child’s dental care.

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