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Same Day Crowns in Eagle River AK

Same Day Crowns Eagle River AKDental crowns are a useful and versatile restoration. They allow us to repair a range of problems and protect teeth that are weakened by damage or certain treatments. Technology has also improved the appearance of crowns considerably so that they blend in beautifully with your natural teeth.

At most dental offices, crowns can be a bit of a hassle to place. You have to go to the office to have your tooth prepared, the dentist has to take gummy impressions, and then you are sent home with a temporary crown to wait for a lab to create your permanent crown. When the crown comes back, you have to return to the office, have the temporary crown removed, and then have the permanent crown placed. Since teeth can shift slightly in just this small amount of time, there’s a chance that the crown will no longer fit properly and you may have to wait even longer for your permanent crown.

We think this is inconvenient for everyone, and we’d rather simplify the process.

Using a remarkable technology called CEREC, we are able to create your crowns right here in our office during your appointment, so you can go home with your permanent crown on the same day.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

Crowns are an excellent solution for so many problems. At Midnight Sun Dental Center, we use crowns for a number of situations:

  • To fix teeth damaged by severe decay or trauma
  • To conceal teeth with whitening-resistant stains
  • To cover teeth that are worn down or improperly shaped
  • To protect teeth weakened by root canal therapy

Crowns can allow you to keep a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted. Whenever possible, we’d prefer for you to keep your own teeth. This preserves the relationship between your tooth root and your dental bone and avoids the need to replace the tooth with a prosthetic.

We will always discuss your options with you so that you can make an informed decision about your dental care.

The CEREC Advantage

Our office makes crowns on a machine called a CEREC. We design your crown on a computer using a computerized scan of the teeth (this means no more trays full of goo for impressions!).

This computer gives us the ability to make a covering for your tooth (the crown) that looks almost identical to the original tooth. We can check the fit of the crown immediately so that you know that it will fit comfortably, function properly, and look great.

Our crowns are made of 100% ceramic, a material that is extremely close to your own natural tooth structure. Unlike the crowns of the past, no metal is involved, which means no discolorations or dark lines at the edge of your gums. Most people will never know the difference between a crown and your own natural teeth.

Using CEREC, we can also make crowns to fit over dental implants, which can replace a missing tooth, and in some cases, we can also make bridges. We will let you know the best option for your specific situation.

Call for Your Consultation

Do you have a tooth that’s causing problems? Are you missing a tooth? Call our Eagle River dental office today to schedule your consultation with us and see if a crown is the right solution for you.

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