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More adults than ever are considering braces to improve the health and the appearance of their smile. Unfortunately, most never move past the “consideration” phase and make this treatment a reality because they think that their only option is the metal brackets they see on kids.

At Midnight Sun Dental Center, we know that it’s important for our patients to maintain a mature and professional appearance – even when they are getting orthodontic treatment! We are proud to offer our patients clear braces using the Clear Correct system.

What Is Clear Correct?

Clear Braces Eagle River AKClear Correct uses a series of removable, clear, plastic aligners to gently (but efficiently) guide your teeth into better alignment. The aligners are comfortable to wear and, better yet, are virtually invisible! Some people refer to this system as “invisible braces” because most people will never even notice that they are on your teeth.

Our patients love Clear Correct – especially those who have jobs that require them to meet with clients or speak publicly. Nobody ever needs to know that you are straightening your teeth, and when you are done, you will have an attractive, straight, healthy smile.

Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

In addition to being the more aesthetic option, Clear Correct has other advantages over traditional bracket-and-wire braces. For instance:

  • Since you remove your aligners to eat, you don’t have to eliminate certain foods from your diet that can be damaging to braces (like popcorn and apples).
  • You also remove your aligners to clean, which means that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to brush around brackets and thread floss through wires.
  • You can remove your aligners for special occasions, as long as you are still wearing them for the prescribed amount of time.
  • Instead of coming back to the office for “tightening,” you’ll simply switch to the next aligner in the series to continue your treatment. You will still need to check in with us periodically so that we can make sure that your treatment is on track, but these appointments will be shorter (and much more comfortable!) than they would be with bracket-and-wire braces.

Can Anyone Use Clear Correct?

It depends on how severe the problem is that we are trying to fix. Clear Correct can fix a range of spacing and alignment problems, including crowding, gaps, twisted teeth, overlapping teeth, and misplaced teeth, but for more extensive issues or issues that involve bite misalignments, traditional braces might be a better choice.

The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation appointment with us at our Eagle River dental office. He can perform an examination and determine whether Clear Correct is a good choice or another orthodontic option would be more appropriate.

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