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3 Signs That You Are Having a Dental Emergency

Nothing is more inconvenient and stressful than a dental emergency!

The good news is that with the right emergency dentist in Eagle River, AK on your side, you can rest assured that everything will be fine. It also helps if you know the warning signs and understand what to do during an emergency.

Here are 3 signs that you're having a dental emergency:

Your Tooth Has Been Chipped or Broken

A tooth with a tiny chip may not seem like such a huge emergency; however, a rough or jagged edge on your tooth, no matter how small, can quickly become irritating to your gums or soft tissues. We recommend that you contact us right away to have your tooth smoothed or bonded if necessary.

Teeth that have broken or sustained larger fractures will need immediate care. Bring as many pieces of your tooth as you can to Midnight Sun Dental Center so Dr. Woodring can determine the best course of action for your tooth.

Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

Time is of the essence for a tooth that's been knocked out. We have the best chance of saving it within the first hour of your injury, so be sure to contact us right away. Be careful when transporting your tooth to our office and try to handle it as little as possible. If you can replace it back in its socket, this is the best way to transport it, otherwise a cup or baggie filled with milk will help to keep the cells moist and alive.

You're Experiencing Sensitivity or a Toothache

Dental sensitivity or pain that is not going away is an indicator of a possible infection. It's important to note that a dental infection will not go away without treatment; in fact, it may actually spread to other areas of your body and can put you at risk for tooth loss. Dr. Woodring can often preserve infected teeth with root canal therapy if you act quickly and contact us right away.

The first thing to do in a dental emergency is contact Midnight Sun Dental Center right away. Remember, the quicker we can diagnose your condition, the quicker we can get you back on the path to wellness again.

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