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Common Types of Dental Emergencies

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If you are searching for an emergency dentist in Eagle River, AK, you might find that it is difficult to find an emergency dental appointment if you are new to the area or if you have not yet established yourself in a dental practice. We want you to know that we are here to help.

We welcome both existing and new patients to call us at the first sign of an emergency. If you experience dental pain of any kind, it warrants a phone call that could save your tooth!

Types of Dental Emergencies

You might be wondering how to tell if you are actually experiencing a dental emergency. Here are some of the common dental emergencies we treat in our Eagle River, AK dental office:

Pain or swelling – Pain and swelling indicate a problem – often an infection. When we catch an infection and perform root canal therapy, we can sometimes save your tooth and extend its life by years or even decades.

Sensitivity – Sensitivity, especially to hot liquids, is often a precursor to pain. It can also indicate the need for a root canal, a problem with your bite, or could be due to recent dentistry that requires an adjustment.

Throbbing or pain when biting down – A throbbing feeling on its own or when you bite down is a sign that we need to perform an exam and determine the cause of your discomfort.

A lost or broken restoration – Since restorations like fillings and crowns seal your teeth and protect them from the force of chewing, when one breaks, it opens the door to bacteria. This can lead to infection or decay when left untreated. It can also mean added sensitivity.

Gum pain – Having something caught in your gums can be quite painful! We can help retrieve the particle and allow your gums to heal.

The best advice is that when in doubt about a dental emergency in Eagle River, AK, you should give us a call and allow us to help you look and feel your best again!

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